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Restaurant - Karadjordjevo hill,

2014. The preliminary solution for restaurant on Karadjordjevo hill in Paracin.

Project in progress of preparation.


residential building, Varvarin

2014. Conceptual design of reconstruction and renovation of existing residential building in Varvarin.

Construction is in progress.


Hotel Hill - Jagodina

In 2009. I participated in a call contest for the arrangement of piazzettas and a part of the facade of the courtyard within the hotel Hill in Jagodina. My work was selected and after the project design, it was realized. The photo shows a part of the gallery and a fence which was designed as a part of the contest. The task requested a rustic ambient so the paving was made by combining granite cubes and concrete plates. The central motif on the square is the fountain. The existing trees of high greenery were kept and give a special charm to this space.


Residential and commercial building - Belgrade

Open competition work for a business object on Vracar plateau, near St. Sava temple in Belgrade.

Associates on the project:

Architect Olivera Milosavljevic

Architect Vladan Nikolic





Residential and commercial building - Paracin

Open competition work for an urban and architectural design of a business-residential part of the city core in Paracin. The work was designed in 2006. and won the second prize.

Associates on the project:

Architect Dragan Peric

Architect Djordje Djosic




Church - Monastery of St. Luke

With the discovery of historical heritage in the area of St. Luka monastery in Bosnjane, which was revived in the nineties of the twentieth century, the existence of a former church at the entrance of the complex was revealed. With contributions of donators, this church was built, dedicated to all the saint, and symbolically on that day the construction was commenced. With my humble work I gave contribution to planning this object.


Cottage - Juhor

The first photo shows a residential house on Juhor built in 1938. made in traditional style.

One of the propositions for the construction of a new object the inheritors of the previously house shown.

Approved proposition based on which a weekend object was made. Natural materials were used as much possible as well as the elements of traditional objects shaping in these areas.


Old bell tower

The bell tower in St. Luka monastery, village of Bosnjane near Varvarin. After the construction of the new bell tower, the old one was shut with wooden slats as to be used for drying fruits and tea. In order to protect it from birds and other animals, on the inner side of the slats a dense braided wire was set.

The construction was made in the form of a cross, from each side of the bell tower.

House Mitrovic - Paracin

In cooperation with a design house from Belgrade, a design for a residential house in Paracin was made. My assignment was to make an architectonic part for the main design.



Hotel - Nis

Preliminary design of a "A" category hotel on a location in Nis, within a sports complex.




Outbuilding - Popovac

Outbuilding in Popovac near Paracin.

Project: 2012.

Made: 2013.



Industrial building Ivanovic-Paracin

A business object for manufacturing of carpentry and metalwork.

Location: new industrial zone in Paracin.

The project is in construction.


Outbuilding - Cerovac, Kragujevac

2013. a preliminary design for the construction of an auxiliary building with a swimming pool in Kragujevac.



Industrial building Expont-Belgrade

A preliminary design for business hall

"Expont" in Belgrade.

The project is in construction.





Sunny square - Paracin

In 2013. a project of recovery of an underground garage plate with parterre arrangement of the square above the garage was made on the location "Sunny square" in Paracin.

The project was made in cooperation with a firm "Studio ProArh" from Aleksinac.




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